The Easiest Way to Get Your Bookkeeping and Payroll Done

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Poor bookkeeping, messy financial records, and inadequate accounting systems can be really costly in the long run. If you want to operate a serious business, you should invest in the services of a qualified bookkeeping professional. We understand that running a business starts out fun and ends up more like a chore. That’s why Joanne and the team strive to make life easier for you through streamlined bookkeeping and payroll services from our base in the Scottish Borders.

We have seen firsthand just how beneficial it is when businesses embrace technology. It brings efficiency and precision, as well as time and cost savings. NS24 can help you upgrade your accounting system and set up cloud-based applications. We pride ourselves in being experts at using modern accounting software such as Xero and QuickBooks, which help clients gain a greater visibility of their financial position.

We Don’t Just Crunch Numbers, We Help You Understand Them

When you allow our team to take charge of your books, you will be able to have a deeper understanding of your business. We don’t just crunch the numbers and leave you to it, we empower all of our clients. That means we give them the tools, the insights and the confidence to run their business successfully.

We’ll keep your books in order and so you have accurate information on-hand, which can be used for critical business decisions. We will manage your records of sales and purchases, supplier payments, reconciliations and other day-to-day bookkeeping tasks, without the hassles.

Payroll support to give you peace of mind

Everyone knows that payroll can be time-consuming. But it’s an essential part of any business that employs staff. To avoid the costly repercussions of payroll mistakes, and to save time on your part, let NS24 help with your payroll processing.

What makes our payroll support services world-class is that we provide a portal for all your employees. This allows them to access their payslips in a GDPR compliant manner. From the collation of timesheets down to the preparation of payslips and processing of payroll—we’ve got you covered!

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